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BREAKING NEWS: Peak Aussie Medical Body the RACGP has come to the party to endorse vaping as a legitimate cessation option for those wanting to quit smoking. ATHRA’s Blog here…

With much of the world reeling from the deaths in the U.S based on little more than sensationalist media coverage, here are some articles from reputable journals (both Local and International), for your benefit.

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*Resources are referenced and dated where available

Why the U.K. Isn’t Having Problems With Vaping

The lessons of Prohibition’s failure in the U.S. haven’t been lost on the British.

By Matt Ridley Oct. 24, 2019 – Wall Street Journal

The following article is from the UK Health System Governing Body – the NHS Official Website.

Using e-cigarettes to stop smoking

From the Daily Mail indicating that the Vitamin E Acetate is the additive in THC oils causing the deaths, also in blackmarket devices.

No safe vapes? Vitamin E acetate from weed e-cigs bought on the streets is still the ‘prime suspect’…

Article from 15th Jan 2020 –

Article from ATHRA (Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association)

Black market THC (cannabis) cartridges are cause of vaping-related lung injury

The outbreak of serious vaping-related lung injuries in the US and Canada is almost certainly due to black-market THC (cannabis) oils sold by street dealers, NOT nicotine e-liquid.

Posted by Colin Mendelsohn, Oct 4, 2019